SpeedFan help...

What do the temps mean? Temp1, Temp2, Temp3?...in the configure info, it says all of these are "Windbond W83627THF"
Also, Temp1 & Temp2 are very low, ~22C, while Temp3 is show 113C! How can I fix this?

I also noticed that my +12V is only putting out 5.53V...that sounds horrible, but I'm not experiencing any problems.

Appreciate any feedback.
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  1. The different temp readings are the different temperatures coming in from different sensors.

    SpeedFan is bugged at the moment I think.
  2. Oh SoS and hawkspur, SpeedFan simply needs to be configured.

    The following link is to SpeedFan's homepage: http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php Click on the F.A.Q. Tab for help and information.

    When SpeedFan is installed, an Icon labeled "Help and HOW-TO" is included in the installation program group.

    From the Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/221745-29-core-quad-temperature-guide

    Section 8: SpeedFan is very flexible and is the temperature monitoring utility of choice. SpeedFan detects and labels thermal sensors according to various motherboard, chipset and super I/O chip configurations, so the Tcase label can be CPU, Temp 1, Temp 2, or Temp 3. Even if Tcase is labeled as CPU, it is still necessary to confirm the identity of Tcase prior to conducting Calibrations. Run Prime95 and note which SpeedFan temperature scales with an Idle to Load Delta similar to the Cores. This will identify the label corresponding to Tcase. Labels can later be renamed using the Configure button, (see Section 11). If a temperature shows a flame icon, this indicates alarm limits which require adjustment. Use the Configure button to set CPU and Core temp alarms to Safe Scale. If a temperature shows Aux 127, this is simply an unassigned input which can be disabled using the Configure button. CPU`s with Steppings which are Tjunction Max 100c typically require +15c Core Offsets. See Section 11.

    Section 11: , then SpeedFan 4.33 can configure Offsets to correct for Tcase (CPU or Temp x) and Tjunction (Core x). From the Readings tab, click on the Configure button, then click on the Advanced tab. Next, click on the Chip field directly under the tabs, then use SpeedFan's Help and HOW-TO icon included in the installation Program Group.

    Under Contents click on How to configure then click on How to set Advanced Options. Read this section including Other interesting options and Temperature x offset. When configured, SpeedFan will display Tcase and Tjunction temperatures accurately. SpeedFan is also extremely useful for observing temperatures and Vcore using the Charts Tab, while thermal benchmarking with Prime95.

    Comp :sol:
  3. Ignore the the 12 volt thing its a glitch....
    Temp 3 has no sensor
    Many bugs will be fixed in the next release....so go ahead...sign up for the beta :P

    There was some questions(whats what and how to use it....so i answered with pictures :)) about speedfan some time back.....take a look...if you have any questions just ask...

    Also a full system specs listing would be nice too

    board,cpu,video ect

  4. Thanks, Nuke. Right on top of it as always.
  5. Specs:
    mobo: ECS 945P-A V 3.0 (can't OC at all...sucks, but this thing was $35)
    cpu: E6600 dual core w/ an Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro (~2k rpm running at 50% vs 2.7k at 100%; seems to be no difference in temps either)
    video: MSI 8800GT w/ the heatpipes

    Here's my numbers at idle:
    Temp1: 22C
    Temp2: 26C
    Core 0: 29C
    Core 1: 29C
    Core: 38C (this is the gpu)
    Ambient: 29C

    The whole TCase/TJunction thing is confusing as hell...supposedly, since it's a dual core there should be 2 TJunction values, but I only see 1; Temp3 is still really high (113C), and I've disabled it.

    I ran 3DMark06 (10380), and the video card got up to 49C, and the cores didn't really change at all.
    All in all, these numbers are pretty good...noise isn't a real issue, so I'm thinking of OCing the videocard...one of these days I'll get a real mobo that allows me some more flexibility as well (not to mention my memory is being underclocked to 667mhz)

    1. Couple questions: are these cpu core numbers accurate? or should I add the ~15C as suggested in the other thread?
    2. Supposedly Tcase and Tjunction should always be higher than ambient, but this shows them both lower...what up with that?

    appreciate the feedback.
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