Please help me finding MoBo/CPU...

Well, I hope 2 buil mah 1st. Game rig in June. But... I've decided buying an eVga MoBo with an nVidia 680 chipset, that hopefully will match with an E8200/E8400 Wolfie. I've read on this forums the nV 680 is only compatible with Wolfies AFTER a BIOS upgrade.

So, what I should do with my future MoBo until its BIOS be updated? Should I install a Celeron or 2xxx model just to upgrading the BIOS, or this chipset can work with a Wolfie in some level of compatibility 'til the upgrading is done? :heink:

Thanks 4 ur help... :D
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  1. Is it possible the Mobo will come with the new BIOS? I know it takes a while for the new parts to circulate, but you never know. Also, BIOS chips are removable. If Mobo makers were nice (which they probably aren't) they could just send you a new BIOS chip and after a quick swap you'd be set.

    I'm sure some others could offer some real world experiences with this issue.
  2. Thanks EXT... It seems this BIOS-updating issue is bigger that I was thinking :ouch:

    Do you think i'll get some real word experiences if I post this topic on another 'room' of this forum ?? :ange:
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