Vanishing hard drive on a 680i?

So in my efforts to cure the bsods, I removed all the extra junk from my machine, including all the nvidia-tune/nforce/tools stuff. The machine promptly reverted to the previous problem state which is as follows.

When trying to run some new app, the system just freezes- I have a mouse, and can right click so its not totally locked up, but I can never regain control, forcing a hard reboot.

Upon reboot, one of my drives is missing, usually my Raptor C drive, which makes it kind of hard to boot. The only way to get this drive back is to open the box, unplug any one of my 4 drives, and power up. After bios, power off and plug the drive back in and everything is detected again.

I am using an evga 680i with the latest p32 bios, even though it was doing this with 26, 28 and now 32.

What gives?!?!? Is this a bad mobo? Just not compatible with my raptor hdd? I have checked all disks thorougly, run memtest32 for 3 hours, and cant see why it is doing this.

I have a good nvidia sli approved 700W power supply, which I would think should be okay. Maybe it is this though?

Help. Please.
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  1. I know it's not an issue with Raptors I have 3 running on my 680i with no problems whatsoever. I think you might have a bad board. I would contact tech support for your board and see what they suggest. I would put my money on the motherboard. You might try clearing the CMOS if you haven't already just for the hell of it. If it's EVGA they are pretty good, I have had a few problems that turned out to be other components (ram once PSU once) but they helped me pin point the problems.
  2. Sata cables mess up easy, i would try the cheapest option of changing all the cables first...if the drive CD's in windows that would freeze you in the manner mentioned.

    If you are not running raid, make sure you are in IDE mode(now or in the future), since its generally more compatible and hassle free.
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