Which 9600GT??

I am hesitating between two 9600GTs: One from XFX or the one from eVGA.

From a performance standpoint I think they're both identical but what about warranty? Which brand is the best?
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  1. I have personally owned 4 eVGA boards and they were trouble-free. I have also read only praise here for both vendors. If there's any chance you'll want something better soon however, eVGA has their "step-up" program which allows you to trade-in your card once, within 90 days, for a better one and pay only the difference in MSRP between them.
  2. I like evga alot, but in the 9600GT I'd go with a better/quieter cooled version like this MSI:

    edit: here's a fud review of it - http://www.fudzilla.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=6023&Itemid=1
  3. thx for the replies and I like the MSI 9600GT but it's not in stock in the store near my home. They are offering a stock XFX and Zotac, and overclocked eVGA and Asus boards. I forget about Asus since the heatsink is crappy.

    The cards got the same reference cooler and I think will perform on par with each other so I'll pick whatever is the cheapest when I'll get there next friday. Thanks guys

    -EDITED- corrected some typos real-fast
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