Lockibg drive letters doen on usb drives

is there any way that drive letter can be permantly(til you change it) to drives so sogtware that refers to those drives don't error out or you have to reasignit
Some think Disk Management does it they still come up reassigned and I'm fracking sick of constantly have toi reassign it again and again
Windows XP Disk management does not lock no matter who says so
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  1. Once a drive letter is assigned it will remain assigned until somebody or something changes it, the most common cause of problems like this are (USB) media adaptors and poorly written drivers.

    If you post detailed description of the problem and a machine spec, maybe someone will be able to sugest a solution.
  2. what detailed description when the usb drive is taken offline the next time the letter gets reassigned to the first open drive it comes across
    having the drive letter locked so it seen as not available either for any other drive only for that particular disk
    no further detaill need be given

    if disk (n) exists (online) then assign (n) else (n) unavailable
    where disk n is disk no assign n =drive letter
    becomes unavailable for any other Disk then

    this is a simple routine that would resolve that problem somebody care to write it

    Windows Disk management assumes all drives would be internal and not removable when it was written and has never considered allowing for Removable Drives to be designated differently thats why letters are constantly being reassigned to each new one it sees bumping the old off the list
    hence if you disconnect Disk 4 assigned L and put a new drive Disk 7 it will reassign the letter L to it and bump the old one down the list

    so to keep the drive letter asigned make sure its connected before adding a new drive to the system
  3. once again no forum I ever asked this in ever had an answer does anyone know of program or addon or tweak that will lock down usb dribe to thier their asigned letters and not be available when those drives are off or disconnected
    And Windows Disk Managemeny does not lock any letter downno matter what anybody tells you otherwise just another thing Microsoft left for third party marketers to improve upon just like continue copying files after it runs across an error
    a simple routine like that found in my post above would resolve that issue
  4. You had an answer even though you couldn't even be bothered to post a machine spec... and replied in a somewhat rude manner, maybe an attitude transplant (and learning to type) would help you get an answer; or maybe all the other support forums are also wrong and you are right... whatever!
  5. I',m not intending to start a debate here
    I'm not having an attitude I.m just frustrated
    And I tried all suggestions saying how to lock a drive letter down in Disk management and found it does not work so in my experience yes I can state I am right
    if it was able to Would I even be asking?
    that'd be of no use at all if Windows actually did work
    I may have an answer but I am not a programmer
    so presented it as challenge
    Obviously from that formula it would be able to lock the letter to a single disk but gives no instruction on how to release it if the drive fails or is replaced
    and I don,t know how to state that as part of the equation
    mnus all the variables such as how many letters you want locked whether it can distinguish between a hard disk (where your more apt to keep it in a locked state or a flash drive or a camera etc that is only used less often etc that I don't know how to express as an equation
    the idea is simple but complex at the same time and as I said I am not a programmer. if I knew how to that I would and make it available to anyone who asked that same question
    Also Windows still presumes only a one drive system and you're going to save all your files on the same drive as Windows
    occupies you can't set another location in the install program to change that plus I hate using nested sub folders rather choose it myself
  6. The trick is to assign a drive letter outside the normal realm of drive assignment.

    So, assign a drive letter in Disk Management as you have been told elsewhere, but pay attention to the point above.

    If you assign a drive letter of E:, and it is not plugged in, and another USB drive comes along, WIndows will assign E: to that drive. ( assuming you have C: and D: drives) However, if you assign a drive letter of say M:, you have enough buffer between the automatic assignments of rogue USB drives (E: F: G: and so on) , and you have a reasonable confidence that when you plug you 'lock down drive letter' drive, you'll get the same letter.

    It's not fool proof, but works for the most part.

    Dont use drive Z:, because the higher end of the alphabet is where Windows normally assigns network drives.
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