Corsair memory overclock help

Hi all

So just recently got me new pc and along with it came 4 gig xms 2 pc6400c5 [...] ?id=155225

I am quite new to the whole overcloking thing but wanted to make a stab at it anyways.

I beleive this :

Memory Type
DDR2-800 (XMS2-6400C5*4GB)

4GB Kit (2 x 2GB)


240-pin DIMM

Heat Spreader

Is the stock timings, ...What I would like to know is, ....what is the max voltage for these sticks if anyone knows, I have heard it is 1.9.....if so is it safe to take them to 2 volts??? and also I see the Cycle time is 2T and I was wondering would it be safe to turn this down to 1T?

Also is there anything more that I could do to make these sticks run to there full safe potential?

Many Thanks peeps
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  1. TY evongugg - why do people insist on posting the exact same thing more than once?
  2. If someone would actually post a reply I might not have to repost, I only have internet connection in work and not at home moment so dont wanna have to wait until monday to find out, even though your your post was most useful huron!
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