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Sorry, I couldn't find precisely the answer I was looking for when I searched, although I'm sure this question has been asked before.

My PSU (BFG 650W) has two +12v rails at 20A per. Will that satisfy the requirement of a +12v rail with 22A? I'm asking specifically for the the 9600GT. I couldn't find the system requirements directly from NVIDIA, but I found a requirement of 22A on a +12v mentioned in a few articles.
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  1. You are more than fine. The BFG label is lacking in info really, but their 650W with dual 20 amp rails is supposed to be a combined 38 amp max .... enough to power any single card.
  2. Sweet action. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. I read that the BFG 650w PSU has issues. It may work for you but there are better power supplies out there that are more reliable.

    I googled and discovered that the 600w version of the BFG PSU has max. combined load for the +12v rails is 39A.

    "The maximum combined load for the +12V1 and +12V2 outputs is 39A."

    This is definitely enough for your video card but if you can find a more reliable PSU for the money, do consider it. BFG video cards are great but I'm just going by what I found via google (i.e. people's experiences with the BFG power supplies). Also, a lot of it is based on opinions so YMMV.
  4. I think he already owns the BFG. Otherwise for a single 9600GT I would have recommended a $50 Antec 430W (30A combined 12v).
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