Printing/Port (LPT 3) Issues

I have been having tons printing issues. First the printer and computer were not "communicating." Everything was uninstalled/reinstalled and after numerous other things, the test pages finally printed. Now it's not working again. When I pulled up the device manager, under Ports (COM and LPT), there is a yellow ! by Printer Port (LPT 3). I'm assuming this is why I cannot print. I right clicked on this to look at the properties, but followed the directions on troubleshooting, but it's still not working. Why is the yellow exclamation mark there and how do I fix this? I have 4 documents sitting in the queue. I have a Dell Dimension 4700, Dell AIO printer 922 and use a USB, Windows XP service pack 3. Any help is simple terms would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. go to the Dell Drivers website, and pull an older driver from their database. uninstall your current version, and install a previous version. See if that works.
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