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So I just went to newegg and bought an E7200 and P5Q pro. I was wondering what kinda speed difference am I gonna see from my previous setup? Which is a Pentium D950 overclocked to 4.1. Am I gonna see a huge difference? Also I read in a few places that right out of the box I can bump the FSB to 333 without any Vcore changes or anything. Am I wrong in my assumption?
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  1. At least a 50% improvement, due to the shorter pipeline of the core2 duo design. If your asus board has decent built in memory multiplier adjustments, then overclocking should be fairly easy.
  2. p5q and e7200 will go to at least 3.6
    i am at 3.8 with 1.35v in bios 1.33v in cpuz on the p5q with that speed it be more like 70% and up great overclocker board and chip
  3. holy shark you got a pentium D to 4.1???
  4. you will like the increase, can I have your old D chip?
  5. me first!
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