Hello im ben and unfortunly havnt had good luck with my pc's ive built. As the original kn9sli ,2x8800 gtx , 4gb sli ddr2 ram with a amd 5000+ BE. didnt work as well as i expected due to overclockers.co.uk sending me the cpu faulty (twice) and eventualy i screamed and stuck my foot through my standard cooler master staker case thing :P.

Now my dad went and purchased me these items,

Intel core 2 duo E4600 (muitplier of x12) *came with standard HSF* (which im using as temps @ 20 c)

Gigabyte motherboard -model = ep35c-ds3r (ultra durable 2, oc5 surports ddr3)

Now put together i have this :-

1. Fatality soundcard elite. (pci)
2. 1x8800 GTX. (pci-e) (motherboard non-sli so my other 8800 is usless atm :*(
3. M1 killer gaming network card. (pci)
4. Intel core 2 duo E4600 (muitplier of x12) *came with standard HSF* (which im using as temps @ 20 c)
5. Gigabyte motherboard -model = ep35c-ds3r (ultra durable 2, oc5 surports ddr3) http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Motherboard/Products_Overview.aspx?ProductID=2543&ModelName=GA-P35-DS3R
6. The ram is nividia sli rdy! but unfortunly my board dont surport i think tho the cpuz program shows clocks @ 5-5-5-5 but also shows EPP on the information page) yet im not sure if i can set the setting to the required setting it shows on the sites page which i purchased it from - http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MY-090-OC&groupid=701&catid=8&subcat=813&name=OCZ%202GB%20(2x1GB)%20PC2-6400C4%20800MHz%20SLI-Ready%20Edition%20Low%20Latency%20Dual%20Channel%20DDR2%20(OCZ2N800SR2GK) -

*note my OS system is fully updated and im using windows Vista ultimate edition (64bit Tech)*

Now what i want to know is what can i do to increase this board for gaming purposes. My os is tweaked to the scones but the cpu and board ant. my gfx is already overclocked. I am using 7 fans ranging from 90mm to 120mm.

Right theres lots of goodies in the bios as i can see but i dont want to burn out or **** my rig up again due to faulty Hardware and crappy information.

I know im good to go with overclocking but looking for a guide in helping me success with the highest possible performance! ( im getting a quad core system for Xmas. Some this cpu can be stirred around until its mixed to the max or melted to the mobo :P)

I want to know if anyone has a Gigabyte motherboard -model = ep35c-ds3r (ultra durable 2, oc5 surports ddr3) on how to overclock it brilliantly - remember im on air not water! (i have also got 2 purchased fans from my last board 1 = a copper heatsink agenda 120mm 775 fan and the other is a artic cooler amd2 pro tho it came with a 775 intel bracket which i found funny!. So overclocking above the standard HSF can be done to a certain extent (as i ant water or LNO2)

Now i sugest reading the information on this motherboards site which i left a link beside to make sure its the same as whoever is helping me. this mobo has japense solid capicitors etc.

All i want is a fast pc! can someone help me and wtf do i do with this ram as my mate told me if you oc ur cpu you drop you am speed but is that even good as vista ultimate hogs it like fU*k!?
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  1. I have an e4300 overclocked with a piece of copper tape connecting 2 of the pads. It works on 2 of my older g31 and 890 via chipset boards, but not the newer p45 and g43 boards. Finding the copper tape in a thin role may be tricky. Fry's electronics carries it in the usa for $3. If you're successful, the cpu will go from 800 to 1066 fsb without any bios adjustments. If it doesn't work, simply scrape off the tape.
  2. i dont understand what you mean by pads and i asked technecly for overclocking information not running to a store for a piece of copper tho that does sound interesting if you explain in better form
  3. i did you ffs this shows a list of cpus but mine ant any of the ones listed there and its not the same mobo the thing is based on my mobo has alot of crap you dont get with the basic 50 to 60 pound mobo mine has performance enhancement (standard,fast.turbo,extreme), robust graphics boosters (auto,fast,turbo), solid caps, dynamic energy cpu saving and also a cia2 ( cpu acceleratoring for faster programs loading etc - rangs from cruise,speed,turbo,extreme.) And i havnt enabled any of them even tho default places the performance enhancement @ turbo, i lowered all setting so i can adjust with the information supplied by the brainiaics on this forum
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