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  1. are you using a lexmark printer?

    usually deleting and re-installing the lexmark software will fix that.

    click my computer, click control panel, click add remove programs
    is the lexmark software on the list? delete it.

    if you have a lexmark printer, restart the computer, turn off the anti virus, and reinstall the lexmark software from the lexmark disk.

    If you do not have the disk, go to the lexmark website and download the software for that model printer.

    after re-installing the lexmark printer software, restart the computer and turn the anti virus back on.

    if you do not have a lexmark printer, just leave the software un-installed.

    OK, and you want if possible to use the original lexmark disk that installs all the features, because the drivers from the website only install the basic print function, not all the bells and whistles.
    And when you first plug in the printer, windows install wizard will pop up, cancel that. Use the lexmark install instead only.
    And the anti virus issue, unless the anti virus is turned off, it blocks the driver from installing. Turn the anti virus back on after installing the drivers and restarting the system.
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