Opnion on Soyo KT333 platnium & XP 3200

I realize that this chipset only sports a 333Mhz front side bus but is quite flexible in terms of OC. If I pop in a XP 3200 I should just be able to OC the FSB to 200Mhz (Since 3200 uses 400MHz FSB) and be fine. I realize this will be an external OC but will my memory be cosher with this as well? It only supports PC 2700 so what I'm thinking will happen is that even with the 200Mhz FSB my memory will just be on its separate bus at 166.
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  1. Nevermind figured it out. For those of you in the same case as me (although odds of winning powerball would be greater) If I set cpu FSB to 133 and then OC to 200. By settings the RAM freq to 100 it would then set the RAM to 333Mhz. How it works, since the FSB is getting an external 66Mhz overclock you get 166Mhz on the RAM100+66 then do the simple *2 since it's DDR and you get 166*2=333Mhz yay.
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