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Hello to all, appreciate any and all feedback. I'm building my new rig and just waiting for the parts to get here to get to it. My question is what to do after the build itself. Putting togethor my comp is the easy part but im not familiar with the whole 1st boot to BIOS and whatever follows that. I've read a lot in a million forums and would like some more help. My rig is:
Zalman CNPS9700
EVGA 680i
150GB Raptor
500GB WD Caviar
EVGA 8800 GT Superclocked 512MB
X-FI Xtreme Gamer
2GB Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066MHZ
OCZ GameXstream 700W
Samsung Optical
Samsung 22" LCD
TT Armor
XP Media Center 2005

I want to install the OS on the raptor and use the other drive as storage. How do I partion and format the drives for that? Is there anything special i have to do in BIOS when I 1st boot up besides set the time and boot sequence? Would updating the MOBO BIOS be done after XP is installed and I reach the desktop? If any1 knows of any links to guides or tutorials to these steps I'd appreciate that too. Thanx again.
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  1. If everything goes right your BIOS defaults will work. I just paged through all the settings and modified anything that called out to me.
    Then, you boot your OS install disk and that will ask you how you want to format your drives.

    One problem I had on my first build was that the default boot order was set to HD before CD drive. It hung after posting if I didnt go into the BIOS. When I noticed that and reversed the order everything worked.

    I updated the BIOS (and all other drivers) after booting the OS.

    Have fun,
  2. I suggest you not install the 2nd hdd until after Windows is installed. sometimes it can screw up the Drive letter, i.e., Windows gets installed on something other than the C drive. If the CD that comes with the mobo had an auto install for the drivers, use it and reboot when asked
  3. Appreciate the feedback, thanx. Now as far as the memory, i've read that DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) memory doesn't always register at that speed in the BIOS and must be changed manually. Some advice on that factor?
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