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i am in the process of a new build, buying the parts as i go along, i really like the cosmos 1000 but have heard about some issues with the temp, cooling and airflow, my new rig includes a q6600(which i will hope to overclock but am new to it) a single 8800gtx and a single hard drive, do you think i will be ok with the cosmos, when overclocking due to the increase in temp which i presume will occur. thanks in advance
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  1. The Cosmos 1000 should be fine (it's almost overkill for your hardware selection).
    When overclocking a Q6600 you should get an aftermarket cooler (IMO).
    The stock intel cooler is overwhelmed by an overclocked quad.
  2. thanks for the reply, i thought it might be a bit of overkill but thought id ask any way . By the way i wasnt going to stick with the stock cooler i already got the arctic freezer 7 pro so i hope that will be ok , its just i read somewhere how some guys machine shut down ,and he only had 1 gtx etc and said his case was an inferno , but there could be other factors i suppose, anyway cheers again
  3. The Cosmos has 4 fans built in. From reviews you can see the internal temperature of the case is 3-5°C over ambient. That seems like a well ventilated low noise case to me.
    If someone had an inferno in the case something went generally wrong with their ventilation.

    Hexus tested with an Intel 840 EE and 975XBX (hot hardware).
    If you are really worried about it get the Cosmos S
    (not low noise but has excellent airflow).
  4. You might want to look into the cosmos-s, it's the new case design with a few changers, pretty nice, thas a HUGE! case though, the only reason i idnt get it, it's a lot bigger than my p182 which is huge.
  5. i got a cooler master 1000 for my build a few weeks ago, and it has been really good to me.
    if you plan to overclock your system (and i mean really overclock, i have my CPU, RAM and SLi graphics cards all overclocked), i would recommend a few case mods:
    1: if you r only using 2 of your front drive bays (which is the norm for most ppl) use the bottom 3 to install a new intake fan
    2: install a fan either above or below your hard drives (only really necessary if you have multi hard drives) (also, take out any empty hdd trays, it will help airflow)
    3: make sure your CPU fan is correctly orientated. this basically means, hav the fan facing the direction of the cold air (in the cm cosmos case, this is facing the bottom of the case), this may sound simple, but in a full tower case like the cosmos, it can really make a difference.
    you mite also consider changing the stock 120mm fans to 140mm fans, but i have and i cant really c this doing much of a difference, considering that if u do all the other things, your case is going to feel like an air conditioner

    EDIT: i 4got to include this:
    there is a clip on youtube that gave me these ideas to make the mods to my case, can't remember the url, so just search coolermaster cosmos case mod and it should be pretty easy to find
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