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I have a Veo webcam with voice, and for some reason the I try to talk with friend and it will work for a minute then stop working. It will cut in and out, and I dont know what the problem is, or how to fix it
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  1. This problem could be due to one of a couple of issues.

    1. Your internet connection may not be able to handle (with available bandwidth) A) Webcam Chat services, or B) the resolution of the video you are streaming to the recipient.

    2. If you are on a network with multiple people, (such as at home with parents, 2 kids, and a friend) all using the internet at the same time, it could take away enough of the bandwidth (available space to send information) to make long term video chat very unstable. Or, you could be doing it to yourself by using multiple applications/programs that require bandwidth to function (such as video games, web games, downloads, etc.).

    All of these could contribute to your inability to have a long term successful video chat with someone.

    If none of those are the issue, try uninstalling the webcam software, and reinstalling it.

    If that does not work, try uninstalling the video chat service you are using and then reinstalling it. (If you are using an online video chat service, it could be the host that is causing the issues)

    Hope this helps.
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