Broken heatsink clamp every 3 months Zalman CNPS9700

I Have the same situation every 3 or 4 month. The clamp of the heatsink broke in half. I wrote to Zalman and the send me two clamp already. I don't know what happen. This cooler is great my AMD 5000+ Black Edition is well overclocked to 3.2 GHZ with any problem, and the temp are from 38 C to 44 C. I thinking maybe the hot tempeture fatigue the clamp and broke. If anybody have the same problem or know something about this please let me know the solution. If somebody knows is any problem with that part let me know, and if anybody know a better solution to this let me know too. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Move the system much? lan party? bracket shouldn't break or have any particularly crazy stress without some sort of aggravation. The other option is you have the wrong bracket, or need a spacer because its bending further than designed.
  2. The computer is not moved for nothing, and when put the clamp I not need to to excessive force, for me is easy to do it. Any suggestion are welcome thanks for your advice.
  3. ^ for him it's not excessive force... in fact hes a professional body builder and can bench several hundred pounds :D

    sorry don't have any idea, other than it maybe a faulty design on the clip, perhaps try a different heatsink or mounting mechanism
  4. Thogrom can you suggest any other mounting mechanish or any other heatsink efficient for 3.3 ghz overclocking?? thank for your words.
  5. it might be the weight of the cooler i have one and they are very heavy hanging off your motherboard if the clamp is not very tight it may move form side to side enough crack the mount my was only used on 775 but you could still move it around when mounted .
  6. don't think it's the heat i overclock the crap out of the chip it was with no heat problems
  7. I have a 9700 on a socket 775 motherboard. I haven't had any problems with mine. Although, the first time I installed it slightly wrong. For socket 775 you can place the clamp either vertically or horizontally. Originally I installed it horizontally (to the left and right), but after reading the instructions I noticed that they recommended installing the clamp vertically (straight up and down through the heatpipes).

    I know you don't have a socket 775 machine so my specific situation may not apply to you. However the point is, reread the instructions and make sure you have it installed correctly.

    You may want to consider laying your box down. If your looking for a new HSF check out the reviews on the OCZ vendetta 2.
  8. hmm, could be temperature fatigue. if you heat it super high and cool it super fast, that could be it. what's the max temperature it can go?
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