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March 22, 2008 2:23:38 PM

at first i was thinking of going with the OCZ 700W

but im thinking that might be a bit much and not needed.

according to extreme power supply calculator (
it says my setup (with future upgrades added) that i will need around 580Watts. however i didnt see anywhere on the site saying that the value is if its the Max output of the psu or sustained or if the efficiency has been worked in.

my setup will be the following (stuff listed will be what i plan on upgrading to)

Mobo: MSI P7N SLI plat.
CPU: Xeon E3110 (E8400) plan on OC to 4ghz+ sometime in the future
Ram: 2x 1gb corsair xms2 ddr2 800, plan to add 2x2gb sticks in the future.
GFX card: 8800GTS 320 (got it for free so not complaining) would like to have a decent SLI setup such as 9600GTs or better in the future.
HDDS: 4x sata hdds
other drives: DVD RW, Floppy
PCI/PCI-e cards: high end Tv Tuner, highend soundcard
Fans: 2-4 120mm LED fans
USB devices: mouse or 2, ipod, pocket pc.

according to

it says again that an 80% efficiency psu ill need around a 680W psu

its also saying i need 21.9 Amps on the 12v rail and that a multi 12v rail psu will probably not work

"If this exceeds 18A, a dual 12V rail psu probably won%u2019t work - psu will shut down while gaming. The only solution is to buy a non dual 12V rail psu*.A dual 12V rail psu can often work with more than 18A power draw if it puts the second graphics card on the same 12V rail as the cpu (12V2), like the Silverstone Element 500w, very few do this however. Alternatively if the current limiters are set to more than 20A (eg. Enermax liberty 500w), or there aren't any (eg. just about any Seasonic) then a dual 12V rail psu will work, but in the majority of cases it won't, regardless of 12V combined amps and wattage rating of the psu."

edit: i unchecked sli option and it went down to 14Amps on the 12v rail. when using 2 cards on a multi 12v rail psu each card would be on its own wouldnt it?

after doing some more research im looking at the PCp&c

decent price and is certified for sli 8800gtx.

anyone have any other ideas?

edit: on second thought i have been messing around with power calculators and i dont need a 750W psu as far as i know.
i think
is good enough. person on there is running 2x9600gts which is probably what i will run or similar.

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March 22, 2008 8:28:30 PM

Great choice on going PC P&C. I am running the 750w with 2x 8800 GTs, an E6750 @ 3.6GHz, 4 HDDs, 4x 120mm fans, 1 200 mm fan, and a 680i mobo. From what I see this is about the same as the system you want in your computer. My point is this, you most likely can get away with the 610w power supply, but the extra $20 (from link below) will allow you to KNOW you are safe and allows you to upgrade later on in life. Get the 750w, I did and its an amazing power supply, I NEVER hear it even when playing Crysis.
March 22, 2008 10:01:22 PM

wow thats a good price. thanks for the tip i think i will go with the one you linked. granted i probably wont be buying it for another 2 weeks at most so i hope its still that low by then :D 
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March 23, 2008 1:58:03 PM

damn seems frys no longer has that power supply.
March 25, 2008 12:41:14 AM

just as an after thought, these next two psu's look really similar
Corsair 650W

pc power and cooling 610W

only difference is 40W and 3 amps on the 12v rail less on the pcp&c. would you go with the pcp&c since they generally have better psu's or would you go with the corsair for the 3 extra amps on the 12v rail and for the $20 difference after mail in rebates.
March 25, 2008 1:02:37 AM

I recommend the Corsair HX620. The 12v rail is rated at 600W total. I think still has it for $115 after rebate shipped. I got the free 8-9 day shipping and it was on my porch in about 36 hours.

The modular cables are awesome. When I go to college next year it will be handy to be able to easily migrate my system to a case like the TT Lanbox...