Strange noises from mobo


just got a quick question, i have just put together a new rig, and well everything is working fine, no problems.

but i do get this one strange issue, whenever i move my mouse about, i hear like a high pitched noise but only when i move the mouse, it seems to be perfectly in tune with the mouse movements, just a tiny nudge and you can hear a quick squeak, and constant movements, the sound is ongoing and seems to be coming from my mobo somewhere.

I'm pretty sure i have heard this noise in the past, maybe on a friends computer, but it really is annoying.

any ideas?


[spec - asus pk5
8800GT extreme
2.4 quad
4gb ddr2 ram]
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  1. sorry i accidently posted this twice, once with the wrong topic name!
  2. Wow I have never heard this before. perhaps it's interference with your PC speaker? You can always disable it in BIOS and see what happens.
  3. USB or PS/2 mouse? If it's USB, try a different port?

    -Wolf sends
  4. Do you use onboard sound? If so disconnect your speakers and see if the problem goes away. If it doesn't, try unplugging your case speaker from the motherboard. Either of these two could be your problem.
  5. Its the sound of the bits banging into each other as they fly down the mouse cable and onto the motherboard.

    Your hearing is amazing!
  6. You sure you don't have some some thing smiler to StickKeys turned on?
  7. I have the same issue with my PC. I did all the above and nothing's changed. I can hear the CPU fan doing the humming sound! Is that possible or is it a power issue?

  8. make sure ur cables are neat... eg i have my power cable under everything else.. i have my keyboard, mouse and network ontop of the lot... also make sure they are pluged in good and not wraped around each other..... i had this same problem and it helped me.. :)
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