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I have 3 partitions on solid state drive flash module in netbook hp mini 1030 nr. 1,2 partition are debian. I want to install xp on 3. since my netbook is diskless I tried pxe.

Using tftp I am put into command prompt where I can map to share cd drive after installing network drivers.

I can see the cd drive and its files on mapped drive and run setup. The windows xp install wizard comes up but with grayed out install option.

I have made the partition 3 for win xp as bootable and active.

Since xp install wizard would not give me install option I bypassed the wizard by running i386\winnt32.exe. This started install. In its install process it copied files to c:\ and put me back onto the pxe command prompt.

I dont know what to do now. I was assuming install to continue to end and on way may be do some system restart automatically but nothing like that.

It copied files and thats it. Any one know how to get this further ?

is it that XP needs to be installed on partition 1 ?
do I need to do some reboot to xp partition ?
existing grub menu shows only debian menu items for boot selections.


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  1. From a command prompt, run Winnt.exe. (Winnt32.exe is run from within windows).

    If setup continues to lose it's place where the install files are located, make a folder in another partition and copy the i386 contents to there and run winnt.exe from there. Delete that folder when finished.
  2. grub has map command to swap the partition order and make believe OSes of new order. This is what is needed when XP is not on 1st partition. I was able to get to windows setup after xp install was done copying file. So map trick worked just that I had to manually select xp from grub menu which without grub would be automated.

    any ways since I had incorrectly choosen xp to install to partition d: instead of c: on next reboot it gave disk error. I could not figure this out and gave up and went to start fresh with whole disk for XP install (this is as such preferred since linux has not problem with xp being first partition).

    Then during setup when I came to same screen where it was choosing d: are target partition for install I realized my mistake. This time I correctly choose c:.

    So your instructions are just fine and added to it the grub trick of map command works fine for XP to be non-first partition. Just caution to choose correct target partition.

    On my netbook I have 2G some flash memory, 16 GB sata ssd flash. This led to issue. I choose 2G (d:) as target of install while grub entry was pointing to 16GB one.
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