Two ext. HDDs (JBOD) now connected to MB not working

I'm seeking a solution to have my disks once again become active. To make a long story short as possible, I had two Seagate 500GB SATA drives in an external enclosure to make a 1TB drive. The enclosure was purchased this way. Well, I believe the controller in the enclosure has went bad so I have removed the two drives, connected them to SATA connections (to the MB). For more details, please see my other thread:

Iomega 1TB External HDD - Clicking, Not Found, Dead?

The problem is My Computer recognizes a drive but no info is avaialble on it. In Computer management, it finds both physical drives (drive 1 & drive 2) but I happen to notice that Drive 1 shows 'unknown' with a status of 'Not Initialized'. I have the option to initialize it but never have had this problem and dont know if I will wipe everything out if I do. Also, There was approximately 800GB used out of the TB and not sure why it is showing the one as unallocated. I'm thinking it has something to do with them being JBOD from the manufacturer but now since I have them connected directly, it doesnt know how to split them. Below is a screen-shot of Computer Management.

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  1. hey, I just bought a dual drive enclosure from TigerDirect (which had it the cheapest for that type of enclosure). If you want I could sell it to you after I get done with it (since I wont need it beyond getting my data off the drives).
    I really hate iomega right now.
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