Help with my EVGA 750i FTW mobo not regonizing Fsb increase

Yep, i'm having a problem with my mobo now.. i used to run my Q6700 @ 3.83ghz with 1.5v to the proc. i just recently brought 4gb more ram to make a total of 8.. i added the other 2 sticks in and my comp won't boot... so i flash the bios to the latest SZ1I bios... and it reset my oc... when i go back to overclock the the Q6700.. ( i used to run my fsb at 1704 (426*9).. it doesn't recongize the fsb increase anymore... it's runs at default 1066 even tho my bios states 1704.. so with the x9 multi... it's running at 2.4ghz.

And it won't let me change the timings for the ram too. Tho i can change the multi with no problem... someone please help me :(

heres my system config

Q6700 (now at stock setting)
Evga 750i ftw mobo
8gb Corsair ddr800 (at stock timing/ frequency now too)
2x 8800GT SLI'd
Ocz GamerXtreme PSU
2x 320gb Seagate barracuda Raid 1
1x 250gb Seagate barracuda
1x 1TB Seagate barracuda
Creative X-Fi Xtremegamer
Windows Vista Ultimate X64
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  1. I would use the 10x multiplier since that will get you higher.

    Can you post a CPU-Z screen to confirm what you are saying? If your bios is set to that fsb than it should be running at that, if it isn't it seems like we are either missing info to fix it or your mobo is borked.
  2. I don't mean to insult you but are you adjusting the right thing? With what you have shown your results don't make much sense. I am a bit puzzled myself now.
  3. those are my proc at stock settings. i resetted everything since leaving the fsb at 1704 didn't do a thing. My problem is that the mobo isn't recongizing the fsb increase at all.. it'll take the multi and multiply it by 1033 despite my current setting at 1704 :(
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