Internet speed shows incorrect result?

Hi TomsHardware experts, good day. :)

Just tested my internet speed awhile ago in three websites. Here are the results.

1. Why I'm getting different results?

Hope you can help me with this.

Thanks and God bless. :)
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  1. None of these sites are perfect - all sorts of factors can distort the results. I find one of the most consistent ones is BTW, those download speeds are really bad.
  2. ...100 KILOBITS????? Wow, I forgot how slow 56k was. Gotta love how the free market pushes companies to improve service :D
  3. Well, it's better than the 15.4 that the third site is showing! (And it says the upload speed is 218 - crazy.)
  4. Thanks for the info guys.

    Just wanna ask this. When I'm downloading a file the download speed will only up to 32kbps. But the download results that I posted are different from the actual download.

    What can you say about this?
  5. What kind of connection are you on, Cable or DSL?
    Are you going through a router or switch?
  6. there are certain settings you could tweak on your end to offer better performance at your ping (which looks high from those screens).

    That won't change the fact that you might have a crappy connection from your modem to the ISP server. In most case, you're usually out of luck.

    Sorry :(
  7. Hi,
    you can check the speed here It's the best way to check the speed test...It shows kbps u convert into mbps...
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