Ram On Vista 8GB at Mo, only use max 36-40% should i reduce

Hi All,
Heres a noob question for you all in the know...!
I have 8GB OCZ P6400 @ 4-4-4-15 Latencys and was wondering about the effect it has on Vista64 as I only use 36-40% Max. Should I reduce to 4GB or will it make no difference..?
And can someone explain 2T
I have O/C'd to 3.6GHZ and run at 1:1 2T what is the 2T as I have seen 1T on here,is it faster or is it because I have 4X2 Sticks...?
Please any adviced much appreciated..
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  1. No reason to take out the extra memory. In fact, keep it in and turn off your page file.
  2. Ok, first off think of it your running %40 of 8GB that just a little under 4GB!(3.25ish).. wow thats alot.. and you want to REMOVE? my advice keep the ram, and like San Pedro said with 8GB you can disable the paging file
  3. keep it in there, it doesnt hurt... about disabling pagefile, there are a few programs that require pagefile. however, you can make a ram drive, and use that for pagefile.
  4. I agree, eliminate your page file by disabling it. It will probably free up about 4GB of hard drive space.
    Yes 1T is faster than 2T. 1T means the controller can send a command each bus cycle, 2T every other. Usually when overclocking ram becomes more unstable set at 1T. Will the difference show up in a benchmark for ram? Probably, but in real world applications it doubtful you would notice any difference whatsoever.
  5. Be advised that:

    (1) Certain applications look for the page file, and get unhappy if it's not there. Also - If, for watever reason, an attempt is made to use a disabled page file, the results are..... highly inelegant... So rather than disable, I recommend setting the page file to some minimal level. I am running 8GB now, and have mine set at 512MB.

    (2) Be advised that you may not be able to run that much RAM at a 1T command rate. In addition to the above advice regarding overclocking - Generally speaking, it is advisable to change to 2T when you are running 2 pairs instead of just one. In practice, you won't notice the difference between 2T and 1T.
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