Can someone help overclock my E8400 to 3.8 GHZ?

Firts of all here are my specs:
Asus p5n-d
E8400 OC'ed to 3.6 GHz. temps: idle 32°c load 41°C OCZ Vendetta cooler
vcore :1.18750 in BIOS and 1.152 cpu-z
4GB ram @ 800 MHZ
8800 GTS 512 SLI
600 Watts PSU
Can someone guide me step by step to OC my CPU to 3.8 ?? Please
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  1. yea increase fsb to 422 then add vcore if needed. shouldnt need more than about 1.36 so you should be safe tbh.
  2. And how about the memory how do I set that? Speed ,linked?? I don't know
  3. set mem to linked, linked means the mem will run 1:1 with the FSB

    increase fsb gradually to desired fsb and upping the volt slowly on the cpu and see if the system is stable (using things like orthos, prime95, etc etc)

    note: increasing the fSB will then increase your mem speed as well, so more volts might be required for the cpu AND mem, depending on your memory

    higher fsb puts more pressure on the northbridge so you MAY need to also increase north bridge voltage one step

    first step is to see if you can get by with just increasing vcore on cpu and voltage on memory, get the system stable @ the OC and then bring the voltage back down to just where its stable by running the tests, using an excel spreadsheet helps in this task :)
  4. actually dont set to 1:1 cos then ure mem will run at 1066 when ure fsb is only 266 what kamkal means is 2:1 so that a fsb of 266 results in a mem speed of 533. always linked for stabilty
  5. yah what he said :) mah bad
  6. Actually 1:1 at a base FSB clock speed of 422 is at a speed of 422 but since it is DDR2 it is an effective speed of 844 so the RAM will be a little overclocked.
  7. Zorg the fsb is quad pumped by the processor before it goes to memory 1:1 will at 422 fsb will try to run his memory at 1688
  8. Nope. The FSB is quad pumped and the RAM is double pumped.

    422 x 4 = 1688 FSB
    422 x 2 = 844 RAM 1:1

    Quad Data Rate
    Double Data Rate
  9. yea but the ratio that u think is 1:1 is actually 2:1 only ddr3 has the speed to do 1:1 1688:844 is a 2:1 ratio
  10. Sorry, that's not correct. The ratio is determined on the base FSB clock.

  11. Zorg said:
    Sorry, that's not correct. The ratio is determined on the base FSB clock.

    Sorry for the slight hijack Yetyhunter.

    Zorg i'm curious about that vcore on the q6600 you got there. Is that OC Prime Stable with that vcore? Just curious, because i have mine set much higher. CPU-Z reads 1.336 with almost full load, F@H :), and i think it's set at 1.35 when idle. Anyways, just curious because if it is, i might try lowering mine to lower temps and power usage.
  12. Yes that is taken during Prime95 small FFTs and it is stable. I just looked and it is bouncing between 1.136V and 1.152V at idle. That is on auto with the load line calibration disabled on a P35-DQ6, C1E enabled. The chips VID is 1.30V, maybe I got lucky even though it doesn't appear so from the VID. I could probably lower it, but I just don't care enough.

    I would definitely lower it, in small increments, and see what you get. More for heat than power savings.
  13. Well good news! Dropped the voltage from 1.35 to 1.28 and so far so good.

    I haven't tested with prime due to motherboard heat concerns. My chipsets like to get really freakin' hawt when running small fft, but nothing else. Instead i continued doing my everyday applications to see if i got any instability.

    I run F@H SMP @70% usage, and F@H GPU which used about 5% cpu. I'm currently sitting at about 75% total usage, all the time, day or night. And when i do anything else it goes to 100%. I did about 4hrs of file compression yesterday with no issues. Best of all, my temps have dropped about 6-8c across all cores :)
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