Help me please : windows live messenger not responding at all

hello ... when i sign in the messenger hangs and if i click on any think then the messenger get not responding at allllllll ...
what should i do ?? please help me . by the way i have uninstall it and reinstall it but nothing new happen ...
i would appreciate any help .
thank you
best regards
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  1. As weird as it may sound... make sure that your time and data is set right.. I was on a forum earlier where someone was experiencing these same type of problems, it was as simple as the time was not correct.. I have no clue how that works.. I'm not a computer techie or anything, but I just play around with them in my spare time and have learned things through trial, error, and forums like these.. If that does not work.. sorry I wasted your time
  2. ohh thank you very much ... actually i have tried that too but nothing works ,,,, thank you for your time :)
  3. I was on another thread and found this response....

    "I've struggled with this for several days now.

    Besides all the installing and uninstalling and many more pointers the newly installed live messenger was even worse and wouldn't even open.

    The repair did not work either.

    The msn.msgr.exe file showed up in the task manager and if fact it showed up 5 times if you tried opening it 5 times.

    I did a restore point to two months ago and the live messenger did open but went to not responding when trying to access it.

    I went to search for "msn.msgr.exe repair" instead of "live messenger not responding" and found the following site:

    This has a RegCure scan program which according to the documentation on this page would fix msn.msgr.exe

    I ran this and it deleted a lot of *** from the registry.

    Seemed to work better than Reg Seeker.

    It certainly did the job. I restarted the system and the Msn Live messenger ran like a charm.

    Why I'm not sure. My computer downstairs is doing the same thing while my son's computer with Vista is fine.

    So the issue of router problems is not the case."

    You could try whatever they tried at that site..
  4. thank you again ... but seriously i have tried that too and it didnt work :o ... i dont know i think im gonna format my pc and lets hope it will work after that ....
  5. Well good luck to ya I dont use the program so I dont have experience with it.
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