HELP..Starting from the basics: overclocking help q6600

So I had recently built my own computer

I want to put it up to 3.0 Ghz

MOBO: Gigabyte P35- S3g
Chip: Q6600 2.4 G0 stepping
RAM: 2GB Kingston PC6400 800 mhz
RAM TIMMINGS: Right now 6-6-6-18
COOLER: Cooler master sphere (its power is attached to the PWR1 slot, it does not fit into the CPU power slot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
PCI: NVIDIA Geforce 7300 GS
FSB: 266
Voltage : Auto
RAM timings: default
PCI express: 100mhz

I had tried to increase it to 3.0 ghz 333x9, but the temperatures according to the coretemp application says it is in the low 40's during idle

Prime95 was stable for one hour when i stopped it. (The heat went somtimes to the high 60's)
OCCT within 2-4 minutes it says the CPU IS TOO HOT
The voltage was set to 1.2875 V for the CPU during this period.

I did not touch the RAM timings, so what should i do
According to cpu-id it is set to 2:3 ratio.


what is the????????????????????

FSB overvoltage???????
System Memory Multiplier (SPD)???????
Memory Frequency (mhz)???????
DDR2 overvoltage??????????
(G)MCH overvoltage control???????????????


please i need help with this

thank you

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  1. firstly the temps are okay stay below 70C and you will be fine, second for stabilty set ram so thats its in a 2:1 ratio with fsb such that for a fsb of 266 the ram runs at 533. secondly then up the vcore and fsb as needed to reach the desired speed or stop when temps get to much, the temps will be the limiting factor for your rig. also dont go above 1.5v vcore as read by cpu-z. good luck you might have to increase mch a little bit cos its a quad.
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