Are Silverstone cases good?

Anybody have any thoughts on Silverstone cases? I am looking into the Temjin TJ10 ot TJ07. I have read that they are excellant atx cases. Share your thoughts. Oh and this case is for my first build. Strickly a gaming machine that will be Oc'ed on air at first, and then later on with watercooling. I welcome your opinions. The price is not a problem for me, I just want a superior case.
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  1. I have been using a Silverstone case for some time now and I really like it. It holds my stuff (2 DVD's, Front port mover, Floppy, Zip drive, and 2 HDD's) easily, and still has room for my large video card (3870) with no problem. The cooling is good, and with a large Zalman CPU cooler, is very quiet. I think you will like the case.
  2. Silverstone cases are very good, but priced a bit high. They make the best home theatre style case that will support a full ATX board. They are also rack mountable (too bad the brackets are optional and not included).

    As for the mid towers they are very well designed but also pricey. Kind of in the elite category like Lian Li. I like the pitch black look of Silverstone cases though...they kind of do away with the gaming/window/full of UV and lights LAN look of 5 years ago.

    Take a look at the Antec 900 case and P180. Both are excellent, and have the PSU on the bottom design. Also well priced.
  3. I just swapped out my silverstone Temjin TJ06 case for an Antec 900. My advice...Go for the Antec 900! Silverstone cases are typically full tower cases and are really too large. The Antec 900 is a mid tower and its a lot easier to install your computer parts. Silverstone cases tend to be for advanced PC enthusists. I had to buy a power adapter for mine and use all these tools to clip on that really was a waste of time and not worth it. Everything you need is in the antec 900 case and you dont need anything extra, the setup process is a breeze... Especially if your using air ventilation instead of watercool.
  4. Ok guys, thanks for your opinions. Let me make a few things more clear that I didn't earlier. I want a Full tower, size and weight is not an issue. I will be using air for cooling for awhile and then I WILL be switching to watercooling, and price is not an option. All I care about is that it's a really good case, and cools well. Thanks again.
  5. The Silverstones I have worked with looked nice on the outside but I didn't like working on them on the inside. I like the Antec Nine Hundred and my fav. case for working on the inside/cooling is the Thermaltake Armor.
  6. I thought i would keep my silverstone Temjin TJ06 forever because its full tower thinking I could have a ton of room to upgrade. I didnt like the inside of the case either because everything has to fit to your motherboard you need extensions for everything...but then all these new smaller cases with bigger fans came out, bigger than my dual 120mm fans. And the new drive bays man with fan's already in them I had to make a Case Upgrade.

    You can't beat the antec 900's 200mm fan on the top and you can adjust the fan speeds with 3 fan adjusters inside the case. Plus its a better bang for your buck. At fry's its $150 retail...Newegg is about $110 with a $20 rebate, Amazon has it for $98 right now. I got mine for $75 on craigslist and it was so easy I installed it the same day. Why get a huge case that is hard to move around with stuff you dont need that is double or tripple the price. In two years you'll probably want to upgrade and a nicer case will come around anyway. If u want to blow your money on an overpriced case go ahead. I doubt you'll get compliments on a full tower ...but anyway maybe i'm just so excieted b/c i got it yesturday and am totally blown away with it. Since its a smaller case everything connects to the motherboard easy. My advice is to stay with the cheapest more efficient case. My mobo temp is 31 and processor is 36 degrees and 2 of the fans are only on medium.

    GET IT its $98
  7. If cooling is a major concern to you, Silverstone is not for you. They make great quality cases, easy to build systems in, and they use great material. Where Silverstone fails however, is its cooling, and looks depending on the person. Silverstone cases are average in cooling performance, but for $250-$350 this is unacceptable. A case priced that high should have amazing cooling. Silverstone cases do not come with a lot of fans, or fan mounts. The exception is the TJ09/10 which has subpar HDD cooling, and average GPU/CPU cooling. In the end if you want a full tower case that cools WELL then Silverstone is not for you. Get a Lian-Li, the PC-A71 has all the quality the Silverstone cases have, and more, but with great cooling and comes with 6 decent fans for all 6 mounts, is at a much better price, and has a dual PSU design should you need it. Also Lian-Li makes 2 mods for this, a replacement top panel with 2 120mm fan mounts (for a total of 8 fans!), like the TJ09/10's top panel, and a replacement side panel with a window. Seriously, do not get a Silverstone if cooling is that important to you, and it should be to everyone. Just look it up on the internet the Antec 900 outperforms the TJ09/10 in cooling with all fans on low, and the 900 is only $100 compared to the TJ09/10's cost of $280!
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