What happened? Windows changed to Winstop.

My computer stop and I couldn't start it again. I loaded up Bart's PE and was able to see the files. I looked for the windows folder only to see that windows or something had changed the folder to Winstop. I save all the files to another USB hard drive so that I my files wouldn't be lost. I changed the Winstop back to Windows. Next I figured that I didn't have anything to lose by playing around, so I loaded the config.sys file off one of my other computer. This got my computer started and I could see the files. Some would run and others wouldn't. What I am wondering is; What happen? Is there any good way to fix this. Maybe by editing the configure file that I installed. Well thanks for any help on this? I was wondering too, has anyone else had this kind of problem with there computer and what did they do to fix it? Thanks again. Chuck
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  1. Sorry the config folder is what I copied off the other computer not the config.sys file.
  2. I'm guessing some malware infection. Try running through the guide here.
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