Upgrading from E8200 to E8400


two weeks ago I bought new PC with E8200 CPU. The E8400 was not available.
Today I called the store I bought from, and they told me that they have the E8400, and if I want to upgrade my current CPU I have to pay 60$ (becuase I've already used the E8200).
Is it worth to pay 60$ and get the E8400 ?

My system settings are:
Mainboard Gigabyte EX38-DS4
Corsair 4Gb 800Mhz DHX
Gigabyte 8800GTS 512Mb
Western Digital 500Gb SATA

My main use for PC is gaming, and some times I will use it for video editing (maybe twice a year)

I'm not thinking to do Overclocking right now.
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  1. If your happy with your performance than I'd just stick with what you have. Later you can easily OC your processor up to e8400 stock speeds and not have to worry about your decision.
  2. ^ agreed with lunyone. actually i wont upgrade if i was in your place. it is like asking me to change my q6600 to q6700. which has a margin of "1" extra multiplication
  3. I have a regular fan for the E8200. If I do overclock it in order to reach E8400 performance, Do I need to get a better cooling system?
  4. yes, you are advised to get better cooling, it gives better stability, and durability of your processor.
  5. Great, I'll stick to my current E8200. I'm getting great performance in all games except Crysis :-)
  6. Crysis rapes graphics cards then moves onto small babies.
  7. I always recommend getting a new heatsink and fan solutioin even if the person isn't overclocking their CPU. It always helps to keep things running cool and I haven't trusted Intel's stock hsf since an incident I had with an old pentium 1 cpu
  8. You DO NOT need a aftermarket cooler to run those cpus at stock. You also WILL NOT need a better cooling system to overclock a 8200 to 8400 speeds.
  9. I agree ^ Ive seen 8400s clocked over 4Ghz on air, now I know that isnt on stock hsf, but were talking hardly anything here for a oc. Just watch your temps.
  10. If you are thinking of upgrade go for E8500 and aftermaket HS and fan in this case it worth
  11. kad said:
    If you are thinking of upgrade go for E8500 and aftermaket HS and fan in this case it worth

    What? I'm assuming that your saying that if he upgrades to the e8500 he should buy an aftermarket HSF and this would justify it? I'd still just keep your stock HSF that came with your e8200 and OC it easily to e8400 speeds. Mind you, you'll need to watch your temperatures, but you should be able to OC it, if you really think you need to. The biggest change for gameplay is your GPU (in general), so you could upgrade to 3870x2 or even the 9800 GX2. Just make sure your PSU can handle them and you'll be fine.
  12. ^ what he said
  13. tonyhabayeb said:

    Today I called the store I bought from

    It saddens me to think of the price he payed for the PC. :(
  14. Hey guys,
    Overclocking my CPU is the last thing that I will do as long as the system works fine in games and without any problems.
    I want to enjoy my new PC (two weeks old) and I don't want to miss the good opportunity that I've got for upgrading my current E8200 to E8400.

    Anyway, Thanks for all the advices.
    I will update here what will be my fianl decision :-)
  15. OCing your cpu is your decision to make. Thats the main advantage Intel has over AMD. You couldve saved money and got a AMD and been happy without OC. What everyone was saying here is that such a small oc wouldnt hurt your processor at all, and being an Intel chip, very easy to do, and also very capable. The performance youll see will be nil going from a 8200 to a 8400, but it is your choice
  16. Ok, I've got what you said :)

    Anyway, I'm very happy to see that people are trying help here :)
    So, Thanks for everyone.
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