3DMark05 hangs every time

I've tried to run 3DMark05 on my system, but it seems to hang every time. There is no error message or BSOD, but I think I've waited at least half an hour for results and got nothing. Task Manager shows 49%-51% fluctuating load, spread evenly on both cores of my e6750. The mouse cursor turns into an hourglass when on the 3DMark splashscreen.
Am I just being impatient? System is as described in my profile: GA-G33M-DS2R with e6750, 2GB of RAM, 2xSATA drives. The system is stable with its mild overclock to 400FSB/7x to get 1:1 RAM. I can play Guild Wars all day and have no stability issues.

One thing that just occurred to me; I read in another thread something about 3DMark and Rivatuner. Do I need to exit Rivatuner and/or uninstall it before running 3DMark? I'll try that when I get home tonight, but if you know the answer, please pass it on. Thanks.

Other resident software includes McAfee and Logitech G5/G11 drivers, but no "Desktop Communications" or other pooh-ware.
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  1. Rivatuner does not interfere with anything ever produced by FutureMark. Try disabling McAfee's real time protection scanner for a change.
  2. Thanks, I'll try that.
  3. Nope. Didn't work. I turned off McAfee, exited Rivatuner, reset BIOS to defaults, and 3DMark still hangs. Hmmm...despite stability, maybe I need to check the memory.
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