Best program to OC ATI Fans,

I want to crank the fan up on my 3870x2, so I downloaded ATI TOOL. I couldnt find anywhere where you can crank the fans. Anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. i just use rivatuner
  2. Just go to the top on ATI tool and click fan control (see link )
  3. I would totally love to use Rivatuner, but it is not compatible at this moment with the new ATI drivers or the 3870x2. Any programs besides ATI tool.
  4. ATI tool won't install for a Diamond 3870; says "no ATI product found."

    ...yeah, Diamond bytes big bonez
  5. Rivatuner will work for the 3870x2, and I know because I'm using Rivatuner with mine. You do have to modify the config file a little bit. It's real easy to do.
  6. I used ATI Tray Tools on my last car, x1900xtx. I liked it much better than ATI Tools. Not sure if it has support for the 3870 though.
  7. Tray tools doesnt let you OC the fans, which is basically all I need to do. Thanks tho
  8. If you have 3870/3850, the best tool will be Rivatuner 2.07.
  9. I just installed Rivatuner 2.07 last night, my hope being it will allow me to control the fan on my Diamond 3870. Well, so far I can't use it to control the fan on my Asus EAH3850; I can define launch items and do it manually, but the [+] to add threshholds to the monitor (e.g. for Core Temp) is missing. The fan runs at 100% all the time. It's a VERY quiet fan, so I don't plan to go back to Rivatuner 2.06 which worked, but this option would not work for the 3870, which has a very loud fan.
    Can a Zalman vf-700 be used on a 3870?
  10. I really wish ATI would include this sort of control in the CCC. I too would like to up my fan speed. If Riva and ATI tools can do it, I think ATI should be able to figure out a way.
  11. If you are brave enough (and can afford the potential risks), forget about these software alltogether and set your fan speed through bios:

    (Don't have to overclock gpu/mem if you don't want. Just set the fan and flash your card)

    I have done it with my hd3850 (256) and the fan is working great without the need of rivatuner or any other thing...
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