E2200 dual core temp. question...

Ok I'm newbie, so I've got a question, I have this intel pentium dual-core e2200, which has not been overclocked yet,
and I was wondering if the temperatures I've got are ok...? it's seems to me a little hot, using Everest to test my temp I got...
when the pc is IDLE, it shows
processor: 51-56°
CPU N°1 / Core N°1 : 56° - 64°
CPU N°1 / Core N°1 : 56° - 64°
but when I start playing some games then it shows
processor: 59° - 65°
CPU N°1 / Core N°1 : 64° - 75°
CPU N°1 / Core N°1 : 64° - 75° sometimes 3° Celsius more...

I was wondering if those temps are alright for this dual core proccessors ?? :ange:

thx :)
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  1. Well i have a Pentium Dual Core e2180 (check my sig). My temps idle around 34-36 celsius. And I have never seen the temps go above around 47. Thats overclocked to 3.00 GHZ!! Keep in mind I lapped my cpu AND my Heatsink. Also, I have a huge heatsink on mine. Coolermaster Gemini II with 1 120mm fan on.

    So those temps do seem to be high. Are you useing the stock cooler? What case do you have and how many fans. What VGA card do u have? Have you tried checking in the Bios? Using another Application?
  2. Use Coretemp to measure temps. It's kinda the standard for comparison, then we'll know. Also what is your load program? Use Orthos, one many of us use.
  3. An E2200 has a thermal rating of 70 degrees, meaning, it shouldn't run over this temp.

    Check all the 'legs' are properly fixed in as tight as possible. If they are you may need to reseat your cooler.
  4. I've got an e2200 also that when I'm running prime95 the temp is 59-60c using speedfan, easytune. coretemp shows -3c difference. this is with stock cooler & no overclocking. I was wanting to o/c this a bit more, a different cooler is needed right?
  5. ^Looks like it. But first I recommend you make sure the HSF is seated properly and you used thermal paste correctly not too much or too little)
  6. It's important to install the CPU and CPU cooler with the MB *outside* the case, so the 4 cooler pins can be completely seated. This post may be helpful: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/194385-31-part-assembly#t1184072
  7. That's what I did, put it together outside the case. Made it was all working b4 putting it in the case. I'll get a little better cooler then try again.
  8. I had the exact situation, my heat sink was not sitting properly on the processor, and my temps were the same as yours at idle, I removed and reinstalled the damn thing 4 times before getting it right, just make sure all the 4 pins are securly locked to the board...my temps are sitting around 32 C each now
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