Hey guys I hope everyone is doing well, I dont get many chances to post here anymore. Well here it goes, unfortunetly a problem is what brings me back...

I recently purchased a EVGA 8800 GTS as a upgrade to my 6900 GS. Ever since I have installed the card every 20-30 minutes I get a blue screen of death with this error "Driver_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL", ok so I start poking around, IRQ rings a bell about something to do with device manager so I go into device manager and I have yellow exclamation points on nForce 4 Hyper Transport Bridge and on NVIDIA nForce PCI System Management. Now when I click on both of them it says code 28 device drivers not installed. Ok I get it so far, but where do I get the drivers for these things, I um, dont even know what these things are, I am assuming they have something to do with the videocard motherboard and I guess they arnt shared between video cards?? Any help is appreciated. Is it as simple as goggling drivers for nforce 4 hyper transport bridge and Nvidia nforce pci system magement, or does this require more finess? Thanks in advance and cheers!
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  1. Slight update, I double clicked on the conflicts, and it says code 28 no driver, then I clicked add driver, and had it search automatically, and it didnt find a driver, but it got rid of the conflict?? (But it obviously didnt do anything because im still crashing).

    I just had another error it had some additional information:


    Technical Information

    *** Stop:0x00000001 (0x0792FFSC) DX00000002, 0X00000000, 0XB7B685B4 ***
    *** NVNRM - Address B7B68584 Base At B7B65000, Date Stamp 42e6d9cd ***
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