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i have many wav files that are loaded into ram, approx 7-12 Gb. what would be the hot setup for this? cluster size, strip size. i plan on using up to 4 drives.
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  1. so each wav file is 7-12gb? what kinda stuff are you storing? lol. Well as you prob know if you want speed Stripe it. I'm kinda guessing that's what you mean by hot setup. if you're files are really that big then the larger the cluster size the better. Give us a little more info on what you're wanting to do exactly and I'll try to help you out.
  2. Make sure one read I/O from the filesystem will end up on one physical disk. So the stripesize should be large enough (not smaller) than the filesystem blocks.

    Also, since Windows systems before Windows 7 have a stripe misalignment due to incorrect partitioning, you will end up having lower RAID0 performance than possible. If you're using an older Windows version like XP or Vista, you might want to use tools to correct this misalignment. Check google on how to do that, search for "stripe misalignment xp" or something.
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