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The 250 GB secondary hard drive on my Dell Dimension 4700 took a dump and I replaced it with a WD advanced format 800gb green drive. While the new drive shows up under my computer and I can access it, every boot-up brings up the "New Hardware Found Wizard" and it tries unsuccessfully to find the driver for the drive. Numerous calls to WD have brought no solution. I've ran the recommended WD Align utility, and it reports everything OK. BIOS updated via Dell Website. Any suggestions?
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  1. Have you noticed a little check box that says something like "Do not offer to install this hardware in the future?" You must cancel the hardware wizard for it to show.
  2. Yup, tried that. Still wants to load the New Hardware Wizard on reboot.
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    gfetting said:
    Yup, tried that. Still wants to load the New Hardware Wizard on reboot.

    Last idea... Is your SATA config in BIOS set wrong? Is it set to be a RAID when it is actually just 2 individual drives? If you can check.. look for a setting that makes the drives JBOD. If no such setting exist, perhaps one that just says Serial ATA (without RAID)
  4. Thanks for the help. Couldn't find anything about RAID in the BIOS setup. There was a SATA Operation section with "normal" and "combination" options. Tried both. Combination screwed up all the drives.

    I just think my system is too old (6 yrs) to handle either the 800GB or the WD advanced format drive. This drive was replacing a WD 250gb drive that worked fine until it took a dump. WD tech support has no answers either.

    But thanks nonetheless!
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