Overclocking problems on AMD phenom 8400 X3

I am having problems overclocking my processor to make it suitable for the games that I play. I am dissapointed that it only pushes 2.1 gHz and I want it to overclock to at least 2.8-3.0 gHz. I currently have a Gateway PC and I tried going into the BIOS settings at boot and I did not see an option where I can overclock the PC. I heard a few people say that Gateway does not allow overclocking, but I just want to make sure. Is there any way possible that I can overclock this processor? Please help!!
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  1. The only way you can overclock is by using software tools like 'clock gen', your BIOS is indeed locked.
  2. try this:

    you have to set it to use your setting on boot, otherwise it acts weird.
  3. I have so far overclocked my AMD X3 Phenom to 2.43Ghz. Still testing the load temps but so far it's pretty stable....probably won't be going past that until I get a better heat sink fan. Let me know what your results are. Maybe we can compare.
  4. i tried downloading the Overdrive program to overclock my pc but it says i don't have chipset 7. i have a phenom x3 8400. my mobo is Acer F690GVM. i can't overclock in the Bios,it's locked.
  5. I find it hard to think that you might be able to push a Phenom to 700mhz over stock. They are not known for OC'in altho i did get 900 on my X2 thats as far as it would go and even then it was not stable highest stable w/great air was 3.4 thats 800mhz. Good luck tho
  6. I have succesfully overclocked My PhenomX3 2.1g to 2.559
    standard Cpu fan running stable at 39c to 45c
    On the Foxconn A79A-S Mb
    4g 800mhz Ram
    2x 4670 ati radeon 1g Gpu's
    Vista ultimate 64bit
    4x high performance case fans 6"
    Windows Experience scores are
    cpu 5.9
    Ram 5.9
    Graphics for earo 5.9
    Gaming graphics 5.9
    Hdd 5.9
  7. i dont get the sliders option an kan not set mine or mi clocks .i wont mi amd phennom x3 64-bit medion to ron at 2.5 it runs at 2.1 wat do i do and how
  8. it is a phennom 8450 x3 64
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