New Hardware Wizard & RAID

I have a Raid setup for both my C: drive and D: drive.

Each time I boot, the New Hardware wizard appears offering to install my hard drives which are already in an array. Can I fix this annoyance? If so, what do I do?
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  1. Are you sure its wanting drivers for your array? If so, and you're array is working fine, i'd just let it try to find drivers. If it does not, it should offer to disable the device. And, like I said if the array is working fine then that shouldn't affect anything. I'd check device manager and see what the problem is.

    There's a site called that will scan your system and tell you what drivers you're missing. You have to pay to dl direct from them, but you can always take the information they give you and go DL the drivers yourself...that's what i do :)
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