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HEy guys my vista just went to crap, I had it installed in a 500GB 7500rpm HD. I decided to get a second HD (raptor 75gb) to instal vista in. My idea is that I would istal vista on that one and not have to make any changes to my old hard drive (other then just delete the old Windows files). Is my thinking correct? will I have to do anything else to that old drive?

Also when I do have Vista installed in the Raptor drive where to I want to install games? On the newer faster HD or on the Older Larger Slower HD (I would think this would be safer for the system.)

Thanks for any help available, I'm still a newb, but im learning alot everyday

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  1. It depends on what you mean by 'went to crap'.

    If the HD died, you may be better off copying your data to the raptor drive and getting rid of your old HD.

    If there is nothing wrong with the old HD and the windows install just got corrupted, you could just repair the install on that HD.
  2. yeah i meant that my Vista got corrupted, I should be able to restore to a backup, thing is I hadnt made a backup (lesson learned). I tried the repair thing with the windows cd but that didnt work (im assuming bc i didnt have a restore point.).I still think my HD is working fine. So when my new HD comes in today I will install Vista on that one.
    A friend told me I would need to make one HD a slave and one HD a master, I wasnt sure what he meant or how I would do that. I was wondering how the CPU would know which HD to start Vista from if its installed in both (a corrupt version on old HD, and a new version on the new HD). and once I'm done installing it and windows starts can I just delete the old Windows files on the old hard drive?
  3. Ok,
    1. The Slave and Master drive are chosen based on the SATA port or IDE/jumper setting. If you plan to install windows on the raptor, just unplug the older drive while installing windows on the new drive.

    2. You can delete the windows files, but that won't totally clean the drive. Unless you are experienced in working with the registry, you probably want to move your files from the old HD to the new one after windows install. Then you would want to do a fresh format on the old HD.

    3. The windows repair with the CD has nothing to do with the restore point. It simply will repair any missing or corrupt OS files. If your windows install was corrupted on your old HD, this repair option should fix it. If it doesn't, the problem is more with the HD itself.
  4. Thanks for the response,

    Well I got the New HD and I installed Vista on it, I am currently installing all the drivers (GPU, Mobo, etc.). and I have the Old HD disconected. This New HD is Connected to my second SATA conection the old one will be conected to the third SATA conection...will that be enough for the computer to load the correct HD or do I need to mess around with the jumpers before I connect the old HD.

    I know these Q's prob seem stupid but I'm slowly getting there

    Thanks again
  5. Check the boot order in the bios to make sure it's set to boot off of your new HD, and it will be fine.
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