On my HP Pavilion.
In original, one 500Gb SATA.
Now, one 500Gb (original) + one 250Gb (added). After having problem, I decided to reinstall WinXP. So in WinXP installation CD I partitioned both drives (250 Gb divided for 2 pcs 125, One for XP (c:) and one for Ubuntu(invisible from XP)) and the 500Gb in one partition, for data storage only.
System works fine (both XP and Ubuntu), but I think I have problem with the data storage drive (formerly original system disk, now e:). When trying to change this one I get startup error message (DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER).
I have tried to change priority in the BIOS, and also to change the SATA cables between the drives. Have also tried to remove failed disk without replaceing. Same problem. My guess is that somewhere in the boot sequense, the computer needs to read some information, that I have stored on the disk that I want to change.
Please, I need help to solve this problem. Anyone have some suggestions?
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  1. Based on your post, I'd say you deleted the partition on the 500gb drive that held the original OS, then installed on one of the partitions of the 250gb drive??
  2. Yes exactly. And now I want to completely remove the old (original) 500Gb drive, to replace it with a new 500 Gb drive, but then the system wont start up.
    (Removing SATA cable, wont start up, replacing SATA cable again, system starts)
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