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ok after some major input from the good people here i have revised my choices i need more input on what people think will be best for my oced quadcore system. im not looking for anymore fps i already get 100+ on most games and playable fps on every other game besides crysis on highest settings but another graphics card is in the near future anyway. my limit is $300 and storage is not my concern. I have found the 300gb raptor at $240 so it is within my price limit. i have a 250gb that still has almost 100gbs, so storage isn't my issues. i want my games to load up fast and basicly i dont want to have to wait for anything... ever... but to be reasonable i would like faster map and in general faster application load times. im looking for something stable enough so im not going to have to be redoing my drive/s all the time. i want to know if raid 2 tb's will be worth the hassle or if raid is more trouble than its worth. thanks for all the input last time guys i think this will be the final decision maker
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  1. well if you're looking for speed then get the raptor if you're looking for capacity then get the 1TB... not sure if two 1tb's would beat a velociraptor though
  2. ^The 7200.11 and the new 1TB drives should beat the old Raptor but not the VelociRaptor.
  3. id go with raid0 its no hassle if its used for speed it will be alot quiter aswell, also 2 1tb in raido will beat any single raptor or even velociraptor.
  4. if you overclocking and have build in raid card on the motherboard you could get some instabiliy so if you going for raid and you overclock your system fet raid card aswell so you don't loose your data
  5. well are there any non pci slot raid cards because after i get my second gtx 260 i wont have any room because each one of those covers the neighoring slot wiht the coolers they have on them unless i put a smaller aftermarket cooler which id rather not do. and how much does a decent raid card cost
  6. If I recall correctly, 3ware makes quite a few PCI-e RAID cards...
  7. do you know the costs of them and how well the perform stabilty. i really dont want to have to redo my harddrives but when i choose to really.
  8. Here are some tests of VRaptor ( Single and Raid-0) vs RAID-0 Devices.

    Note: RAID-0 generally does not help much. Usually helps more than it hurts but in some cases a small degradation is seen in RAID-0.

    For performance, my money is on the Raptor.
    For Value, its not the Raptor.
    But if you are talking performance and the cost is not a concern, go for it.
  9. Shadow703793 said:
    ^The 7200.11 and the new 1TB drives should beat the old Raptor but not the VelociRaptor.

    lol woops i meant the velociraptor not the raptor :pt1cable:
  10. Average read and write transfer speeds:,658.html,659.html

    101 mb/s for VelociRaptor, 90 for 1TB drives, 74 for old Raptor. The gap between old Raptor and others are large. Gap between 1TB drive and VelociRaptor is smaller. 2 1TB drives in raid should be enough to overshoot a single VelociRaptor's advantage.
  11. ^+1
  12. yeah doesnt the WD6400AAKS beat the old raptors lol
  13. ^Correct.
  14. haha so 4 times the space and quicker than a drive that costs more >.> hard choice lol
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