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Hi everyone,

I've had an e6600 for about a year and loved the CPU until recently when I got WAR. It's been a bit choppy in game and since I run with 3GB RAM and 9800GTX+ I couldn't help but think it was being bottlenecked by the CPU. Well, sure enough it was. I OCed it from 2.4Ghz to 3.0GHZ using the built in MIB(not sure if that's the acronym?) Gigabyte technology and doing a bit of research got a program called Prime95, ran it for a few minutes and wasn't showing temps above 55c with NVIDIA system monitor. When I run WAR the CPU temps stay between 44-46C and I was wondering if this was stable enough to run.

Sorry for bothering you with my newbie questions!

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  1. Use the latest RealTemp beta found on the last or second-last page of this thread: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=179044&page=94

    I'm not sure what sensor NVIDIA system monitor reads, but RealTemp reads the DTS for temps closer to the actual core temperatures.
  2. also you should run prime95 for 8+ hours, not just for a couple minutes. This will stress the system and make sure it is stable without a shadow of a doubt. I would imagine that you are in a good shape with the load temps only hitting 55 but its always better to be safe then sorry
  3. Ok been using Real Temp w/ Prime95. So far, temps are appearing to be 60-63C at load.
  4. If that's with the stock cooler, you're running nicely. Just make sure you run Prime95 for several hours.
  5. It's with some 29.99 fan, not sure of the brand, had a computer store install it. I originally purchased a Tuniq Tower but for some reason they couldn't get it to work without it shorting? Needless to say, I'm a bit pissed that they just put this one in. Oh well. Still seems to be running fine so far, played WAR tonight and it runs flawlessly now. Idle I sit at 41 with this program you recommended. I'll be sure to run Prime more tomorrow when I'm done with class for further analyzing.

    Thanks for your guys help!
  6. I read somewhere that people with C2Ds should use the Intel Thermal Analysis tool as it reads temperatures different than most programs. If that is the true case, I am running at 55-58 under load. Are these acceptable temperatures?
  7. regardless of if its 55 or 63 under prime95 load, those temps are totally within the norms. Just as long as your computer can pass Prime95 for several hours without failing then you should be good to go :D
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