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I manage a company's network. They have two locations connected by a VPN. They have 3 windows 2000 servers. Two are domain controllers and one is a terminal server. There is one domain controller at one location ( and the other two on the other side (DC:, TS:

Every once in a while, the terminal server will be inaccessible from the side. I can ping the terminal server from that side but cannot browse its files nor can I connect to it with remote desktop.

We manage the network remotely using a system which employs VNC. When the terminal server is down for the .1.2 side of the network, it shows up as offline in our database. In order to reach it, I need to remote into and then use remote desktop to connect to When I'm in, I'm able to ping all points on the network (local, over the VPN and external like I can't browse to any webpages. It always times out. I can browse files on local systems but nothing over the VPN. Nobody on the .1.2 network can use remote desktop to get to the terminal server. Everyone on the 0.1 side of the network can. Also, I can't access the router's ( web administration yet I can ping it just fine. and are both plugged into a large switch (along with numerous other computers). We are moving the two servers directly to the router. Will this fix the problem? Or am I just grasping at straws?
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  1. Anyone have an idea?
  2. Maybe ??

    We had a similar issue with our main Terminal Server, two network cards one internal, one external. Every few days the TS would be inaccessable on the External address, Internal fine.
    If we rebooted, the problem went a way for a while, also if we changed the external cards IP address for 2 minutes then changed back the problem again resolved itself for a while.

    Looking into it, both network cards had default gateways. we did a route print when "all was well" and saw that the external DG was the default, then when the issue occured a route print showed that the DG had switched to the internal.

    The solve was to remove the Internal Cards DG. then manually add the gateway (cmd prompt, and I guess for you something along the lines of "route add –p mask 255.255.255.?".)

    Hope this helps.
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