WiFi Adaptor installation crashes network connection menue

I have to upgrade my desktop PC with a wireless adaptor (bought a D-Link DWA 510).
After installation using the tools delivered with the adaptor,
the connection to the router and internet access first didn't work.
After switching off the firewalls, it worked then, but..
it wasn't possible to accss the network map utility of the internet security tool anymore.
Later I learned, that I couln't access the Windows XP (SP3) network connection menue anymore either.
It just crashes when I try and I have to end it by task manager.
The only thing that helps is deinstalling the D-Link adaptor (just deactivating doesn't).

I'm through now with trying what I hoped could be the issue,
but just couldn't find out the source of the problem/conflict that exists there.
(The Anti-virus tool wasn't the issue (deinstalled it); disabled the other network adaptors I found (no change, neither after reboot); can't configure the connection via wireless zero configuration,
because I can't access the menue as long as the adaptor itself is installed)
And using it without beig able to access my network connection menue, with deactivated firewalls apparently isn't an option.

Has anyone here an idea, what the problem is or at least where and how to start further investigations?
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  1. (edit) make sure you check the requirments and that you do pass, and if you are running 64bit could cause issues if it doesn't specificly say that it supports that. (back to original)

    well i would give this a try:
    uninstall your network security, firewall antivirus and anything else that monitors connections ..
    then from device manager uninstall all net adapters
    then reinstall all network adapters.
    test.. if everything is working good.. reinstall the security software and retest.. if still good to go then then smile and be happy if not.. repost.. I'm not saying it will work.. but it's what I would try...
  2. Thanks for trying to help and answering jacksonii.
    I tryed what you proposed a while ago already, but it didn't help.

    Finally I tryed to repair windows XP, because a friend said,
    it may be that some files of windows xp were changed by the antivirus software and not changed back after deinstallation.
    Repair didn't help, but a complete new installation of windows xp sr2, updating, reinstalling one thing after another, eventually worked.
    Though now I'll never know, what the cause of the error was.

    Thread can be closed.
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