New HDD: Cyclic Redundacy Error?

I recently purchased a set of 3 Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB hard drives to replace my current games/data/backup drives. I also purchased a Thermaltake Blacx HDD dock so I could transfer my files without have to open my comp.

The first 2 transfers went with no problems. The dock let me format and transfer data with no troubles. The third drive didn't go so well. Disk Management gave me the error message "Cyclic Redundacy Error". I could hear the HD working but disk management was giving me nothing. Is this drive DOA? Should I even bother trying to install the hd in the computer before I rma?
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  1. Could be the cable, the drive dock, or the drive.
    Try connecting the drive internally (with a known good cable) and run the manufacturers test tool.
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