2 x 1gb OCZ gold 1333 better than 4gb OCZ ddr2 ?

I have just ordered a eVGA 790i and when ordering the guy told me to only get 2gb of ddr3 ram for now as 4gb isn't stable until bios updates.He also told me 2gb OCZ gold 1333 ram will be much better than the 4gb of OCZ ddr2 sli ready ram i have already.the pc is mainly for gaming i also have a couple of eVGA 9800GX2's on ther way.opinions appreciated.
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  1. Honestly? 4GB would more than likely be better for you, even if running 32 bit Windows. The 'speed boost' or whatever claim he made for the DDR3 isn't worth the cost you will pay. 4GB of good DDR2-800 or 1066 will work very, very well, and allow you to utilize as much as the OS can see. DDR3 isn't (in my opinion, which may or may not always be correct) worth the cost/performance delta over good DDR2 at much cheaper prices. Check Tom's; they recently did some testing on DDR3 vs. DDR2 and found almost negligible results on identical, or almost identical hardware configurations.

    Of course, this only makes sense if your board supports DDR2 and DDR3 and can make that choice.
  2. Windows Vista hogs 1+gb of ram, Crysis uses 2+gb after a few hours of gameplay. You do the math. Page file from harddisk (by far the slowest part of any PC) will lag down your computer. Speed of ram only start to matter once you have enough ram to avoid page file usage.

    Keep in mind that guy is trying to sell you stuff.
  3. If your mobo supports DDR2 than get the 2x2 gb's of RAM (800mHz will do, especially if you get CAS 4 stuff). If your board only supports DDR3 than you really don't have much of an option. I'd still buy a mobo that supports DDR2, but this might/might not work for you.
  4. I think the "guy" is trying to get some more money out of you. If the board supports DDR2 then use what you currently have 4gb of DDR2 is better then 2gb of DDR3 anyday especially with vista
  5. DDR3 is not worth the money yet. Tests have show only a very small increase in performance (1-3%) vs DD2. I would rather have 4Gbs of DDR2 800 RAM, with CL 4, then DDR3.
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