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What hardware do you need to retrieve data from a notebook hard drive? My laptop has a dead mainboard (so the hard drives are probably fine) and I want to get at the disks to get the data off before I ship my laptop off to a repair depot to get a new mainboard.
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  1. That depends on what Hard Drive you currently have...

    Something like
    or for example.

    You'd have to find a supplier in your country; or you may be able to connect directly to it, it depends on what you already have.
  2. Thanks! That's the kind of thing I figured I'd be looking for. I just wasn't exactly sure what it looked like or what it's called.
  3. Also ... I have 2 x 160 GB (Serial ATA-150 - 5400 rpm) in the machine. I'm assuming this will work with one of these adapters.
  4. Providing the drives are configured as individual drives (seperately accessed) and not part of an array (accessed as a single drive), almost any SATA to USB adaptor should work.
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