CPU heatsink/fan for Asus M3N78 Pro

Can someone recommend acpu cooler that will easily fit the Asus M3N78 Pro, and will provide sufficent cooling for the amd 9950 BE (125w). I am not really looking to overclock, just something that will keep the cpu a little cooler and easily fit the motherboad.

I used the CL-P0200 80mm Silent 939 K8 on my previous build, and I would like something that is just as easy to install, fits on the current slots and provides just a decent amount of cooling along with fitting correctly on this motherboard.
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  1. check out frostytech.com that's all they do ,cpu heatsink reviews..:)
  2. i made a little buyer's guide:

    bad news: size matters. nowadays, "small" and "easy to install" are nearly synonymous with "poorly performing."

    about the only small profile cooler i would recommend is the xigmatek s964, and it still measures 120mm tall.
  3. The buyers guide and frostytech.com have been very informative so far, my main concern now is if the M3N78 pro will have enough room for several of the coolers. The memory slots and a heatsynch for the chipset are close to the cpu socket, wondering if anyone has an idea of what would for sure fit.
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