COOLER MASTER COSMOS S 1100 Fans Replacement/LCD display?

Here are the parts that I will most likely be ordering this week for my new build;

1st Case: COOLER MASTER Cosmos S 1100
2nd PSU: Tagan BZ Series BZ800 (800W)
3rd Case Fan%u2019s: Scythe S-Flex

Wile I%u2019m waiting for Q9450 & 9800 GTX I think it will be wise to make sure that I am satisfied with the rest of my components by ordering the parts above. I noticed that on coolermaster website they say that there 120mm fans will produce only 17dba with 1200rpm%u2019s which is great, but I%u2019m not sure about there airflow%u2026 That is why I most likely will be replacing all my stock case fans with %u201CScythe S-Flex%u201D fans, what do u guys think? I know that I will need at least 4 120mm fans, 3 on top & one in the back. The one in the front that comes with the case has a red led to it, so I might keep it; it looks cool unless someone can suggest a better one? Am I missing any other fan spots? By looking at that case it has 2 air vents in the bottom, can I mount 2 fans in there as well? Or is it just a vent? Here is the link to the case;

What I%u2019m trying to accomplish is silence and GREAT air flow at the same time. I will @ all my system so cooling is important. Is Scythe S-Flex a good choice? There are 2 S-Flex types%u2019 fans on Newegg;
What do u guys think would be the best fan for me? Should I get all of the same fans? Or should I mix it up?

Fan Size 120mm
RPM 1200 RPM
Air Flow 49.0 CFM
Noise Level 20.1dBA
Power Connector 3-pin (4-pin adaptor included)

Fan Size 120mm
RPM 1600 RPM
Air Flow 63.7 CFM
Noise Level 28.0 dBA
Power Connector 3-pin (4-pin adaptor included)

Also I will be getting %u201CPower Supply 3 Pin Fan Extension%u201D just incase;

So what do u guys think? Are this Fans any good? Should I get more then 4 fans? Also does anyone know if that 200mm fan on the side of the case any loud? I also want to put a nice fan controller in there something cool looking with a nice lcd display, something like "AeroCool CoolWatch Fan Controller%u201D what ya guys think?

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  1. Anyone?
  2. First of all fan extensions are always great. Second of all I never buy fans that have below 70 CFM, though I do not care much for the volume level my computer runs at. Also $20-$25 is way too much to spend on fans. I recommend using a combination of Antec Tricool fans, quiet for their settings, and on high they push a lot of air, with Scythe Ultra Kaze fans or Silverstone FM121. The Scythe are rated at 133 CFM, kick ass!, and the Silverstone are 110.3 CFM. These fans are loud, yes, but the performance and cooling they supply is well worth the noise. Also the Antec Tricool fans come in red, blue, green, and all three colors at once. Lastly the 200mm fan in a Cosmos S is pretty quiet, but does not push a lot of air as well. I can not stress how much I beleive in performance first and silence later, get atleast 1 Ultra Kaze, or FM121 and get som Antec Tricool fans for the rest, the intake fan in front should be the Ultra Kaze or the FM121 for better cooling.
  3. Hey thanks for that Info Raven. The "Ultra Kaze" is just 2 much for me lol 45db? u crazy!. My computer is in the same room as my bad, I wount be able to sleep lol. Do I really need 100+ CFM fans...? I mean I do want good cooling, but I'm tryint to keep the noise low...
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