Need an advice concerning a graphics card

I need and AGP card and here are my options:

1. HIS - ATi Radeon X1650 GT, 512MB GDDR3 (128 bit), Dual Link DVI, TV-Out (PAL), IceQ, 525MHz core, 1400MHz memory - H165GTQT512GDDA-R [price: 77 EUR] - IceQ Turbo!!!

2.HIS - ATi Radeon HD 2600PRO 512MB (128bit) DDR2 PCIe Dual Link DVI & TV Fan, HDMI, HDCP, 600MHz core, 800MHz memory - H26PF512A [price: 68 EUR]

3. HIS - ATi Radeon HD 2600XT 512MB (128bit) GDDR3 Dual Link DVI & TV Fan, HDMI, HDCP, 800MHz core, 1400MHz memory - H26XF512A [price: 95 EUR] - Non IceQ turbo :(

Or should i trust Sapphire?

4.Sapphire - ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO AGP8X 512MB DDR2 128bit, 600/800MHz, DVI/VGA/TV-out, Single Slot Fan Cooler, HDTV, Lite Retail - SPH-H2600PR512B128-HDMI [price: 72 EUR]

5.Sapphire - ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT AGP 8X 512MB DDR3 128bit, 800/1400MHz, DVI/VGA/TV-out, Single Slot Fan Cooler, HDTV, Lite Retail - SPH-H2600XT512G128-HTD [price: 95 EUR]

Now, having in mind the producers and the prices which card do you think it's better? I won't expect to get lots of frames in high quality new generation games but I want to get a decent frame rate in Oblivion and future games just to be playable without quality effects. Any opinions would be great. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Number 2 is not an AGP card, I believe it mentioned PCIe.

    IMO I vote the Sapphire 2600XT...It's GDDR3 gives it a nice boost in performance compared to the regular 2600PRO with GDDR2. Plus only 20 Euro's more, although Im not sure how much more that is in US...

    Then again if you want to get the best bang for you buck, I'm guessing that X1650GT will give you more frames per Euro, but not as much frames as the 2600XT...So really it depends on your wallet and if you system would bottleneck each card to make the difference between the two moot. I would display all system specs as well.
  2. Well, thanks for your answer. My system specs are:
    AsRock K7VT4A PRO
    SEMPRON 2400+
    1,25 GB RAM
    and my curent graphics card it's an old Palit GeForce MX4000 64 RAM 128 bit :) - now you understand why i need to change it :)).

    And regarding your opinion, I want to ask you(or someone else) if Sapphire is a better producer than HIS, cuz reading different forums lots of people said that HIS is better than Sapphire mostly because of the cooling system. I would choose the 1650 GT because it has IceQ Turbo, but I don't know if HIS boards without IceQ Turbo systems are also very good.Any other opinion would be great.
  3. Sapphire is as good as HIS. Sometimes HIS has a nicer cooling system on their premium models, but that doesn't make Sapphire's cards bad.

    If you want to save cash go for the X1650 GT (should be a bit better than the 2600 PRRO), otherwise the 2600 XT is as good as you're going to get for price/performance in AGP.

    Your Sempron is unfortunately going to botteneck you some anywhoo.
  4. :) Yeah...I know it's old but I'm not an addict gamer, I want something just to play in my spare time. That's why I don't consider yet to buy a new generation PC, I won't use it to the maximum. Think I will go ahead with the 1650 GT. Thanks for your advice and gladly accept others if there are some.
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