Which aftermarket cooler will work with tall corsair ram

Hi all,
I ordered a asus p5q with the tall corsair ram and i read somewhere that there is a problem with some coolers fitting properly. can anyone tell me which ones work? im looking at the Sunbeam Core contact but i hate to order without knowing if it will fit. Tia for any help.
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  1. i made my ccf fit by moving the ram to the other pair of slots.
  2. good idea, but maybe i should have mentioned i want to run 8 gb
  3. this chart might help:

    the CCF is slightly larger behind than in the TRUE, but the other dimensions should be similar.
  4. The DHX-equipped modules are 2.25" tall, which is 5.715cm.
    Add to that the extra height of being in the memory slot when it's installed and your looking at 6cm (probably a little more).

    The CCF has an underside clearance of only 4.5cm (measured from the face of the contact area: http://www.sunbeamtech.com/index-2.html ).
    At most, you need to add about .5" for the socket & CPU (1.25cm).
    So you have a total clearance of about 5.75cm, but you'll need about 6cm (or more) to clear the DHX's heatspreader.

    With a fan installed, the most it will stick out from the center of the CPU is 7.7cm, and the minimum it will stick out from the center of the CPU is 5.2cm (the side with out the fan), and about 6.3cm on the two sides that can't mount any fans.

    So, if you can only mount that cooler with the fan on the side where the RAM is, then it probably won't work.
    My Noctua with 92mm fans is a bit smaller than the full-sized coolers with 120mm fans, and the lower edge of my fan is about 1 or 2 milimeters from touching the face of the 1st DHX module on my P5E. So would be easy to assume the CCF will overshadow the 1st RAM slot quite easily without being able to clear the top of a DHX module.

    If you can mount it with the fan on the opposite side of the RAM (facing towards the rear of the motherboard), then you should be fine, provided there are no other passive cooling devices with really tall fins located around the CPU socket on the motherboard.
  5. i tried it with the cpu fan acting as an intake, with the fan towards the rear of the case pushing forward (so i could leave my ram in the A1/B1 slots). interior case temperature rose faster with load, and as the interior rose, so did the GPU and CPU. they would each bump each other up 1C every minute or two. when i switched the ram to the A2/B2 slots and turned my CCF around so the CPU fan acted as an exhaust instead of an intake, the interior case temperature levelled at 40C (from 36C average.) the other way, it would go as high as 42C before i finally turned it around.

    It did work pretty good that way though. the load temp was +12C over case ambient (although the case ambient kept rising). This way, it's +14C.

    But, with an intel board and the o-ring, you can also face it up or down. I would recommend it pushing up, so it exhausts into the PSU fan. if it pushes down, it will not only affect the performance of the PSU fan, but it will also heat up the graphics card.
  6. thanks guys, well newegg just ran out of my ram, so its 4gb for now, at least the cooler will be easier to fit . hey i just noticed your psu yourgod , getting the same pcpower 610.
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